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Surface Surface

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Amazing Work!! Now wonder I faved almost every piece you made so far .

This is fast, its furious, it´s a pleasure to listen to and to top it all off, it makes me feel like I´m in a Racing Car at 300km/h. Just beautiful! :)

You deserved it! :)

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-410N3- -410N3-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Detail is AMAZING!!

Wow, I wasn´t expecting something with THIS kind of detail, thats Awesome Sauce! Keep it up!!! :D

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-- Jessica and Kelly at Spa -- -- Jessica and Kelly at Spa --

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Cute, smooth outlines (the thick ones on the outside make a nice contrast to the ones inside), I assume you did it with Illustrator or Flash, the outlines are way to smooth to be done with Photoshop! :)
The only thing that could make this Picture better is color and some nice shading! Thumbs up, good job! :)

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megawolf77 responds:

Actually, these were all traditional inkworks on paper. No digital accompaniment involved. ^_^;

Thanks for the comment! :3