Entry #1

Flash Videos

2010-04-05 23:05:32 by Tobibrocki

I´m not that good in Flash yet, so, anyone who watches my, as of now, two clips! Those are very very amateur animations (and in black & white), so, probably the best is to not even bother watching any of them! But if you want to, feel free to do so, but be warned, they aren´t that good! :-/

My best animation results that I had so far remain on the classical animation side, you know, where you use pencil and paper! It´s more complicated, but since I´m not good at drawing with a tablet, I get the best visuals that way! :)

I haven´t checked if Newgrounds actually has a video portal in the style of YouTube or if its Flash only, so, I cannot say if I´ll upload any of my pen&paper animations here! I have to check first, but I somehow doubt something like that is here! :-/

Will more Flash Movies be made? Yep, but I don´t know when! ^^ And only if I learned some more about flash, will they end up being in color! :-3

Until then, have a good one! :D


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2010-04-06 00:39:09

Oh dude I remember, earlier today I was looking at the portal and saw your flash under judgement. Then I totally watched it and was like, gee, I'd like a grape soda. So I drank one and forgot to vote.
The End.

Tobibrocki responds:

Hehe, lol, that was random! ^^ I hope at least the grape soda was good! ;) Thanks for the comment! :)


2010-05-18 19:42:05

Well, at least you can animate, I am still learning.